Writing Full Time


I have been unemployed for a week now. I mean – I have been a professional writer for a week now. Right, I always get those two things confused.

I had a nice corporate job with good benefits and natural lighting (a very rare perk in cubicle-land). But I have given all that up to pursue my dream of writing. I realized a while back that that was what I wanted to do – have always wanted to do – and that it was actually feasible at this point in my life.

So… a writer of what? Well, that is the question.   Initially I wanted to spend a year seeing if I could manage to get paid for creative writing. Maybe sell some short stories. Maybe write a book. Then I realized how much I enjoy having disposable income, so it turned into maybe I could freelance and parlay that into a permanent gig generating content for a non-profit or a company I really believe in.

Last week it turned into a really bad cold so I slept a lot. And when I wasn’t sleeping, I was reading (which I believe is essential to writing). So far I’ve updated my LinkedIn profile and agreed to create a web site for a local dog rescue group (I don’t know how to make websites go – but I can learn).

Trusty blog readers, let us embark on this adventure together. The adventure of living the dream and reporting to no one and holy crap… I don’t have a job.


7 thoughts on “Writing Full Time

  1. All the best to you as you move into The Writing Arena. I enjoyed your attitude – I don’t know how to make website go but I can learn – love that and I’ll bet you’ll do it too.


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